Lethal Liaisons (Willful Women Assassins Series)



Tale of Two Sisters

By Randall S. Smith

Copyright ©
2012 All Rights Reserved

two sisters looked so much alike that they were often mistaken for
twins, although they were a few years apart in age. Kristie was in
her late twenties; Karlee around age thirty. Both were very smart,
blonde, tall and attractively slender. Despite their similarity in
appearance, the two of them were different in personality. Kristie,
mild-mannered and naive, was enjoying success as a model and gaining
popularity as an actress; Karlee, aggressive and worldly, was
evolving from a frustrated attorney into an accomplished assassin.
Their story begins during their years in an overcrowded high school,
in an average middle-size city in the North American heartland.

“Karlee, what do you
think of Jake the quarterback?”

“Is he the reason you
tried out for the cheer-leading squad, Kristie?”

“No, but I do believe
in cheer-leading-with-benefits,” she said with a wink.

“Yeah, he is cute.
Are you going to ask him out?”

“No, I don't ask guys
out! If I get picked, he's sure to notice me though. Will you come to
the games and cheer me on, sis?”

“I might come to a
few games, but Friday nights are when I have my martial arts class,

During the rest of the
year, the sisters worked hard to get good grades; Kristie gained
popularity as a cheerleader, while Karlee honed her already
first-rate fighting skills. For Karlee, grades were more important
than high school sports, as she planned on attending law school.
Kristie and Jake had been dating and progressing in a relationship.
One evening Kristie came home from a night out, crying and

“What happened to
you, sis?”

“That horny Jake
couldn't take 'no' for an answer, Karlee.”


“We were at a
post-football game party and in one of the back bedrooms drinking.
Jake kept refilling my glass and we were both getting pretty drunk.
His kisses were so passionate I got lost in the moment and before I
knew what was happening, we were both half-naked. Jake said that if I
wanted to remain his girlfriend, I'd have to go down on him.”

“Well, I hope he
offered to reciprocate,” she said half-joking.

“It's not funny. I'm
not that kind of girl! I've never done anything like
don't ever plan to just to keep a guy!” Kristie snapped back.

“You're right, it's
not funny and I'm sorry, sis. So what happened?”

“The bastard pushed
my head down into his lap and forced his thing into my mouth!”
she said, unable to stop her tears. “And that's not the worst
of it!”

“He raped you?!”
she asked, becoming so irate she could barely contain herself.

“No, but it was just
as bad, I think.”

“What do you mean,

“One of the other
guys knocked on the closed door to see if we needed more beer. While
Jake was holding my head down, he shouted out 'come in'! The guy came
in and saw me doing
and then they both laughed! Then
several others came in to see what was so funny. He kept my pink
panties for a souvenir. I was never so humiliated before in my life,

Karlee spent the rest of
the evening calming down her sister and put her to bed. They decided
it best not to tell their parents. She knew Jake as they were both
seniors, had shared a few classes, and had attended some of the same
parties over the years. Once Kristie was asleep, Karlee drove over to
his house and waited on the front steps for him to return. Soon he
came stumbling up the walkway.

“Hi, honey,”
she purred.

“Karlee, what are you
doing here?”

“I'm afraid I’m
kinda drunk, handsome, and you know how us girls get when we're all
liquored up. I thought you might want to party with me. You don't
mind my being so forward, do you?”

“Not at all, baby,
but we'll need to be quiet. My folks are probably asleep.”

“I'll be as quiet as
a mouse, sweetheart,” she whispered as she slid her body up
against his.

Jake led her down into the
basement where his dad kept a well-stocked bar. He set the stereo
volume on low, mixed a few cocktails and snuggled in next to Karlee
on the sofa. He was replaying the scenario he had earlier in the
evening with Kristie. “I like doing sisters,” he said
with a slur as they began undressing each other.

“You do? Do you want
me to invite mine to come over and join us, lover?” she asked,
kissing her way down his stomach.

Jake was getting so excited
that he could only moan. His moans got more intense as she teased him
with tender kisses on his thighs. He grabbed onto her hair. “Come
on, baby, stop holding back!” he demanded, as he forced himself
into her mouth. It would be the last time he made such a mistake.

Karlee bit down and bit
down hard. Her teeth left her brand on his manhood as he screamed out
in agony.


Blood dripped from her lips
as she lifted her head, stared into his eyes and said, “Was it
as good for you as it was for me, baby?”

“You bitch!”

She slapped him hard.
“You're lucky I didn't bite it off, asshole! Oh what the heck,
I could use a souvenir. Whaddya say I take the little guy home with
me?” She moved her head lower to finish the job and he abruptly
pulled away.

“Get the hell away
from me you damn skank!”

“Jake, if I ever hear
of you abusing someone like this again, I'll be back to finish the
job.” She thrust her knee into his groin for an added bonus,
nonchalantly gathered up her things, retrieved her sister's panties,
and left. Jake was never heard from again.

As the ensuing years passed
by, Karlee continued in her role as protective big sister; Kristie
maintained her role of relative goodness. College graduation with
honors for both came and passed. Kristie was pursuing a modeling
career in Chicago, mostly advertising underwear for the Sears
catalog. Karlee labored in a nearby law practice. They were now in
their mid-to-late twenties.

“Karlee, I got an
offer from one of my clients to do an audition for a new TV series!”

“Gee, that's great,
Kris. You're becoming rich and famous, while I'm just helping to get
rich people off for their dirty deeds and sending the poor ones to

“You're so good at
what you do, sis, and I'm so very proud of you!”

“Yeah, yeah; so tell
me about this audition, hon.”

“It's going to be a
new sitcom about family life,” Kristie beamed.

“So are you trying
for the part to be the daughter or the mom?”

“I don't know the
details yet. Maybe it'll be about sisters! If the local agent likes
me, I go to New York to meet the final decision makers.”

“Well, beware the
casting couch, Kris.”

“Oh, that stuff is
just a myth, silly.”

“Let's celebrate your
budding acting career with a shopping spree at the mall!”

Their first stop was
Victoria's Secret where they purchased matching ensembles of sexy
underwear. Karlee opted to get hers in pink; Kristie got hers in
lavender this time, with a matching slip.

“Did I tell you I'm
starting a new class in kickboxing, Kris?”

“That should
complement your other fighting skills, sis.”

“Let's stop into that
gun store,” Karlee requested.


“I need to enhance my
self-image; martial arts and shooting seem to go together.”

As they perused the
weaponry, Karlee was drawn to the Glocks. One of them was called the
'assassin model'. She asked to see it. It felt so good in her hand,
that a wry grin spread across her face.

“Oh, sis, you should
get it. It's so you!” Kristie insisted.

She filled out the
paperwork, found out where to get some shooting lessons, and they
called it a day.

The next afternoon, Kris
arrived at the agency to discover over a dozen other applicants, both
male and female. No one spoke; there was an eerie silence as they
nervously waited and reviewed the scripts they would be reading.
Those who finished were sent out a back door. Soon she and a young
man named Dan were summoned by the middle-aged couple doing the
interviewing. Although a bit of an oaf, his body was well-toned and
his build almost husky. They halfheartedly exchanged anxious smiles
as they entered the room.

“First, I'd like to
thank you both for being so patient. We're trying to be thorough, as
well as encouraging, to those auditioning when we can. You'll notice
a large TV screen mounted on the wall. This is so that we all can get
a sense of how you look on the big screen. Your entire session today
is being recorded and will be provided to our contacts in New York
for their review. Are you ready to proceed?”

They both nodded yes and
spent the next fifteen minutes doing dialog, while watching
themselves on the large flat-screen. The older couple, a man and a
woman, seemed less than satisfied.

“Neither one of you
is putting yourself into the role in the way we want. This show is
about sexuality, not simply sex. New York needs to see more flesh.
We'll need you both to strip down to your underwear for this next
segment. Just think of it as being in your swimsuits at the beach, no

Kris was used to modeling
underwear for the catalog, so had lost some of her inhibitions, but
was still feeling reluctant as she looked up at herself on the big
screen. Both did as requested, read through several more scenes, and
were then surprised by the next request.

“There is one more
thing, and it's strictly optional, but will certainly help to improve
your chances of being selected.”

“What's that?”
they asked.

“All the big stars
have at one time or another done a nude scene. It's all a part of the
business,” said the woman. “We're not asking that you do
so, but it would help your chances of successfully marketing
yourselves for future opportunities with upcoming film productions if
you want to volunteer. Remember, sex sells!”

Dan promptly removed his
shorts and threw them off to the side.

Kris squirmed as she
considered volunteering, then looked up again at her image on the big
screen. She looked good in her new Victoria's Secret underwear, she
thought. It boosted her confidence. Then she watched as her arms
seemed to involuntarily reach behind her and undo her bra. She saw
herself displayed topless in large, living color and felt aghast.

“Now the underpants,”
the man said admiringly.

It felt as if time had
stopped. There she stood in front of God and everybody and being
filmed possibly for the world to see, wearing just her new lavender
panties. Her eyes kept returning to the big screen on the wall as she
imaged herself becoming one of those famous celebrities. She took the
plunge, quickly slipped off her panties before she could change her
mind, and tossed them over on top of Dan's shorts.

“Good, good,”
said the pleased couple. “Now both smile, stand together and
look into the camera. You're marketing yourselves, kids. Look sexy!”

Kristie felt a new sense
of freedom; she was naked yet still felt wholesome. Her eyes sparkled
as she reached around behind Dan and mischievously pinched him on his
butt as the camera recorded the end of their most memorable audition.

Meanwhile, back at Karlee's
office, she was working diligently on her latest legal case when her
mentor Carlton approached her. He was several years older, tall and
had wavy hair. He'd been educated in Europe and had acquired the hint
of an accent during that time. She found it rather sexy.

“Karlee, where do we
stand on that Higgin's suit?”

“We can win it, but
this CEO is a schmuck. He's clearly guilty of backdating his stock
options to the most favorable time period, and the company is not
even expensing them on their financial statements! The shareholders
have a legitimate beef.”

“Screw the
shareholders, hon. Just make sure we've got all our ducks in a row on
this one. The firm needs that big billing in for this month. By the
way, plan on joining me for dinner tonight. We're meeting with some
potential new clients and I want you to get acquainted.”

Carlton's motivation for
the dinner gathering was more social than business. He wanted to get
to know Karlee on a more personal level, but was reluctant to ask her
out on an actual date. The client portion of the dinner ended early,
leaving the two of them to discuss things over after-dinner drinks.

“They seemed to like
you, Karlee. You do a fine job of representing the firm.”

“Thanks, Carlton, but
something just seems to be missing.”

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