MC: LaPonte-Karr: Book Three

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MC: LaPonte-Karr


MC Series Book 3


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I could use Beta Readers.  Email me if you’re interested.  Now for the Book…

This is book 3 of the MC series.  They can all stand alone but it makes for a better story if you have the background starting from the beginning.


Rich spent his teenage years in the MC and decided to become a soldier.  The MC sent him to the military for training; he made it through BUDS and onto the elite group of satellites.  One or two satellites travel with the SEALS but have different objectives and missions.  They work alone with little support from the SEAL team.  Saving a village of women and children earned him a medal of valor.  Because of his age he was awarded the medal by the President at a ceremony in the White House.  It was then he asked his MC President and VP to retire and come home.  With his new brothers and sister’s adoption being final he wants to be near them.  He was relieved when they expected him back in the MC taking over the second spot in Security on his release from duty.

Rich does everything with his roommate/Brother Patches, including bedding women.  Patches loves Rich's family as if they are his own.  He helps take care of the Little Brothers and sister daily ensuring the kids are taken care of in a manner they deserve after being treated so badly before the adoptions.  Patches lost his family when he was young; he makes sure his new family feels the love he never did growing up.  With the two Brothers doing everything from homework to skiing, the siblings form a bond that runs deep and true.  They all fit together as if they are blood.

At work Rich is challenged because of his age.  He's had to prove himself before the older Security personnel and MC soldiers took him seriously and followed his orders.  Even after two years he still has Brothers testing his patience.

When his club buys a woman from the rival Outlaw’s he finds work is not the only challenge he has to face.  Falling for an abused woman and being dominant by nature is not an obstacle he's confident he can overcome.  Her eerie dreams pose problems and save lives.  She puts her life and their love on the line for the men she loves.


This is the story of Rich, Tess and Patches.





I hear them talking about selling me.  I've been here since I was sixteen, I'm twenty one now, I think.  I was taken with a group of girls from our church.  I try not to think about my old life.  It just hurts too much.  Everyone that I ever knew has been sold or is dead.  I'm the last one.  I'm not sure how to feel about being sold.  What could be worse than this?

A Prospect comes in and throws a dress at me.  It's something one of the old women at church would have called a house dress.  "Get dressed."  I look at it.  He grabs my hair pulling me up.  I stifle my scream as my head hits the wall.  "Now.  Get dressed.  Now."  I nod with tears rolling down my face.  I wipe the blood from my nose.  I'm afraid to get the dress dirty.  "Do I need to say it again?"  I shake my head no and put the dress on snapping up the front with shaking fingers.  Finally I get them all done and look at him.  He slaps me.  "You don't fuckin look at me because you have fuckin clothes on."  I bow my head and nod.  Blood drips on the front of the dress.  He cuffs my hands and shackles my feet.  I watch the blood drip on his arm.  I hold my breath knowing what's coming.  "Fuckin whore", he punches me in the stomach, I fall to the floor.  I can't breathe for a second; maybe they'll kill me before I'm sold.  I relax and wait for him to kick me.

Rod comes in and yells at the Prospect about not getting the money they need if I'm dead.  He punches the Prospect and lifts me up, rips the Prospects shirt off him and holds it to my nose.  He's not as bad as some of them.  I take the shirt and hold it myself.  I'd rather he didn't do anything to help me.  I can't be thankful for anything, from any one of them.  I refuse to allow God or any goodness into this hell.



Rich is pissed.  He’s following the bike in front of him but he’s not seeing a fuckin thing.  He did awesome today.  I don’t understand why he needs to win all of a sudden.  He wasn’t so worried about it before.  Maybe he feels like he’s not training enough.  He used to train every day.  He stopped training and started playing basketball or taking the kids out.  I need him to relax and tell me what the fuck is up.  Maybe I can bring it up while we’re here.  He has another training group from the PD starting the week after we get back.  Dig’s says he’s the best of all the High Security.  He’s had to be in order for everyone to take him seriously. That should lift him up.

I wonder if he knows about Pres.  Maybe that's what's bothering him.  It’s not something I want to ask him.  I think it’s fuckin perfect.  Pres has been in love with Kate since they took the twins.  Fuck maybe before that.  I didn’t start seeing it until then though.  I shake my head.  I’m worse than a fuckin woman.  I wave my hand at Rich and give him a smile.  He needs to get the fuck out of his head.  He gets it and relaxes.  My fuckin Brother.



On our way to Laconia I go over the fuckin tournament again.  I can't figure out how the fuck he does it.  The worst part of the whole fuckin thing is he won't say a fuckin word about it.  My fuckin father, he's always been that way.  This time I'm pissed, I should have won at least the ride and shoot.  Coming in third is not a fuckin achievement to me.  When my father and Steve, our VP are one and two.  I had VP but he fuckin out shot me long range.  My father only has one fuckin eye and was never trained like me and Steve.

Patches waves his hand at me.  When I look at him he's smiling shaking his head.  Fuckin Patches, he's right.  I need to let it go.  I start looking around, the scenery is beautiful.  Full and lush green trees, winding hills, this is an awesome ride.  Raymond NH wasn't that far away.  I'm glad we went and the money they raise goes to vets.  It was worth it just for that, like Pres says, 'we take care of our own.'

As we get closer the Officers slow, there are bikes every-fuckin-where.  Pres and VP stop at the PD, VP knows the Chief.  He has us bring our gear in telling the cop we'll pick it up on our way out.  He is eyeing our sidearms; VP ignores it and walks out telling the cop where the chief can find him.

Jonesy doesn't want to leave his shit.  I smile when VP gives him a look.  "Nothing in that bag that's better than what we just left.  Not like it did you any good anyways, you placed twenty third out of thirty.  Get your fuckin gear inside or enjoy the ride home."  He finally brings his gear in mumbling under his breath.  VP looks at my dad, "not sure someone wouldn't take the fuckin gun and use it on him."  Everyone around him laughs.  Fuck.

Jonesy gives me a bad feeling.  He challenges everyone.  Thinks he's the best at everything, and talks shit until he's beat.  Then he is pissed at whoever, because he was bested, determined you cheated.  I beat the fuck out of him; stupid fuck challenged me in the ring with a no rules match, and then called foul because I used martial arts.  I am not one of his favorite people.  He came in from the chapter in upstate New York, I wish the fuck he'd go home but he's working in Security.  He's pretty good at his job when he's not talking shit.  He strikes me as the kind of guy that would go postal.  All he needs is a reason to blow his fuckin top.  Brothers laughing at him could give him that reason.  I look at Patches.  He's not laughing, he sees what I do.  I need to talk to my dad about this.  Patches nods as if he knows what I'm thinking.  I laugh, he does know, we seem to pick up on each other's thoughts regularly.  The military called this our sixth sense, Patches was never in the military but he’s focused his to me and we get each other.  He smiles walking his bike back.  Fuckin Patches.  Jonesy mounts up still mumbling.

We ride into the middle of the chaos and park.  Pres has a standing reservation right in the middle of the fuckin main road.  I can't help smiling.  Petey pulls up in his truck parking to the left of Pres. Pres tells everyone we'll meet at eight out front.  We're headed to Shooters tonight.  He has a meet and wants a presence shown.   Everyone grabs their bags and checks in.  Digs and Bob come up behind us.  Their room is right next door.  We're like the four musketeers.  In all we have twenty seven Brothers plus four Officers showing today.  Some of the Brothers are here for four days; they'll switch out with the Brothers back home.  More than half our Club will show here.

Unless we're needed, me, Patches, Digs and Bob are here for a full week.  "Rich, you still pissed?"  Digs asks.

"I was, but not anymore.  I've never beaten my fuckin father.  I don't know why I thought this year would be different."  I tell him smiling.

"You know he's in the hill climb, yeah?"  Bob says.

"What the fuck, no.  He didn't bring his bike.  I was going to enter the crotch rocket competition on Friday."  Shit.  "I'm starting to get a fuckin complex."  I mumble

Fuckin Bob laughs.  "You never had to be a fuckin partner with him.  You're dad isn't staying for the whole week.  He can't do both, and he's fuckin old.  He won't win against the fuckin guys your age.  I never saw an older guy win in crotch rockets."

"You’re fuckin high if you think he can't win.  He spins that fuckin Ducati around on a dime.  I’ve never seen anyone else handle like him except maybe Rich and I see them all.  Rich is more about the tricks though."  Digs says.  Since he runs surveillance from my Security room he would know.

Fuckin dad, I think shaking my head with a smile on my face.  "He should win while he can.  Someday he'll need glasses.  I'll win then."  They crack up slapping my back.

"That is, if VP gets glasses too."  Patches says walking into our room.  They all laugh.

"Fuckin nice, Brother."  I tell him still smiling, he's fuckin right.  I follow him in dropping my bag on the bed he didn't take.  "I need to call Ally and Jessie."  He nods putting his phone to his ear.  He's talking to Little Ben already.  Once we switch and talk to all but Darren, I text him letting him know dad fuckin beat me again.  He texts back I owe him a buck.  I laugh.  Fuckin kids.

We head out to scope the layout.  There are so many fuckin bikers and babes here we could get lost for days.  The funny thing about women at these events is the ones you see in the day are usually spoken for.  At night, the taken ones stick close to their men, the available are every-fuckin-where waiting for a chance to make a fucking biker. 

We take our time and walk through stopping for a beer when we hear some decent old rock coming from the building.  Rowdy crowds don't faze us; we're fuckin bikers so we walk right up to the bar that has empty seats.  I look around, the place is fuckin packed but these seats are empty.  No one stops us or even looks our way so we sit and order a beer.  The bartender tells us the seats were taken by an Outlaw club and he doesn't want any trouble.  Patches stands.  I smile at him, "we'll take the beers and head out to the tables in front."  He nods looking relieved.  We just got here; it's not the fuckin time to start shit.  We take our beer and I stand.  "Our fuckin seats."  A dirty, hairy, fat fuckin Outlaw says.

I look back and nod. "Was just told about that, we were heading out. You’re welcome to them."  I smile as I start walking.  The chick with him laughs.  Fuck!  I roll my eyes.  I know he can't let it go now.

He moves his arm to grab my beer I spin putting him against the bar, my body up against his.  "The knife at your kidney will not kill you but it will be fuckin painful for months.  No one saw me pull it, no face to save here.  We were moving on.  No reason to start shit and end any of our stays.  Just grabbing our beer and walking the fuck away.  Let it end there Brother it's just a fuckin beer."  He barely moves his head giving me a nod.  I step back and slap his shoulder, "good to see you again."  I turn and follow Patches out sliding my knife back into its sheath.

"Fuck Brother, first fuckin place we stop.  Not getting a good feeling from this kind of welcome."   Patches says as we sit on a wall outside the doors.  I just nod.  No one fucks with us so we relax enjoying the music watching people go by.  A chick dressed in a Hooters outfit stands in front of Patches asking him if he's looking for some fun.  "Are you attached to anyone?"  She hesitates.  "Sorry darlin but I've learned not to mess with Brothers property."  He turns away from her and stands.  "Think it's time to be moving Brother.  If it ain't the drunks and bullies, it will be the chicks getting us fuckin shot at."  We walk, he's fuckin right.  This leaves a bad fuckin feeling in my gut.

I pull my phone and dial. "What are you feeling dad?"

"I'm guessing same as you since you're calling.  Meet us back here, we need to stay together in larger groups.  Steve's calling Digs to text the Brothers."  He hangs up.

I'm glad I'm not the only fuckin one.  "They feel it too, let's head back.  They want us in bigger groups."  I tell him turning around.  Fuck.  A group of Outlaws is walking toward us staring us down like we're just who they were looking for.  There's got to be six of them.  I can't really see behind them, they block the whole fuckin sidewalk.  I step out onto the street my elbow hitting Patches.  He follows but so do two Outlaws.  If there's a problem I need room to move.  It looks like there will be a problem.

Hammer, the Pres of our northern Brothers, steps up to us ignoring the Outlaws.  "Heard you're father and Knight left you third at the shoot-out.  Not fuckin Bad Rich.  My guy placed fifth.  The fuckin active duty guys were pissed."  He laughs.  The Outlaws move on.   He leans in, "heading over to Ben now, got a bad feeling here."

"Thanks for showin Hammer, seems the feeling's catchy."  I tell him, Patches acknowledges him giving him respect.

At our parking lot we see our cuts but from other chapters.  Holy fuck!  Hammer keeps walking to Pres, VP and my Dad, who’s standing in for Tiny, as Sgt at Arms.  There are two I recognize and three other Presidents that I don't know.  They’re all relaxed and smiling.  No problems here.  I move closer wanting to know where they're from.  I see Bob and slide to his side, Patches is right behind me.  "Who are they Bob?"

He looks at me.  "Bad feeling brought everyone here.  They're going to keep high security with each group.  Hartford Pres, Gene, on the left of VP, Watertown on the right of to Pres and Maine to his left.  You know Hammer and Mark."  I nod.  That's a fuck of a lot of bad feeling.  "I don't know their VP's."  I look behind me; Brothers are filling the fuckin lot. 

I nod at a few familiar faces.  I did some jobs that brought me in contact with some of these people but we didn't exchange anything but gear or facts.  I can't stay here, I move far enough away to be respectful but close to the building where my back isn't exposed.  VP and my dad notice giving me chin.  VP looks at Bob.  He stands beside me.  I scan seeing Driscoll and Chet, two other High Security Brothers on the other side. We throw chin and keep scanning.

Ben puts his hand up.  "High Security, I need you around the perimeter of the lot."  Brothers move into position.  Bob moves about twenty feet away from me.  "Keep watch, ensuring nothing gets past."  The Brothers turn facing out.  "I love the fuckin chapters that train their Brothers well."  Chuckles can be heard.  "Everyone here has the same feeling.  Twenty two older brothers are on their way home.  Said it feels like a riot is brewing.  Since they were here for them, I'll have to take their word for it.  We need to stick together and take care of our own.  Doesn't matter what chapter you're in as long as you have Brothers beside you.  All the Presidents are in agreement. High Security will be with every group.  If you need High Security for your group see Danny LaPonte."  He points out my dad.  "For those of you that can't see him or don't know him, he is the only Brother with an eye patch."  Someone yells, 'it's fake'.  Pres and my dad crack up.  "Even if he had two eyes he still fuckin out shot you two to one Milt."  He says to one of Hammers Brothers.  Everyone laughs including Milt.  When the laughs die down Pres lifts his hand.  "Brothers, have fun, stay alert, and keep close to Brothers.  We have close to two hundred chapter Brothers here, there is no reason we can't stay in groups of ten or more and have a good time.  We've got a brother that is willing to send out texts of the events going on and match people up with a group.  Billy from the NH chapter is passing two phones around.  Put your number in so he can send you the updates."  Pres steps back.

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