Taming the Bear Collection

Taming the Bear Collection
Number VII of
The Bucklin Wolves
Jessica Ryan
Jessica Ryan Books (2014)

is destined to end up alone and unsatisfied, at least that's how she feels.
She's a strong female werewolf that can't stand the company of most men: human
or wolf. If only she could find a man that's strong, dominant and not so full
of himself that he can't see past the end of his nose. A man that's wild, a man
that needs to be tamed.

is a werebear that prefers the solitude of his remote cabin to the politics of
everyday life. Living like a domesticated human is for the wolves of Bucklin,
not him. Unfortunately his close friendship with alpha wolf Thorn has thrown
him right into the middle of Bucklin's problems.

chance encounter will bring two very different shifters together, but maybe
they're not as far apart as they think.

werebear Beorn may have bit off more than he can chew. Rain is a strong, sexy,
confident werewolf that's different from every other wolf he's ever met.
However, just like the rest of Bucklin's wolves, she's abandoned the beast
within and is flirting dangerously close with being human.

it's moved beyond a simple date for Beorn, it's become a mission: connect Rain
with her wolf and show her the pleasures that can be had when one is in-tune
with their animal.

is it for handsome werebear Beorn and his sexy mate Rain.

started as a date that would ultimately lead to the final expression of their
passion has ended in ruin as they stand face to face with the deadly shifter
gang: Satan's Angels.

and everybody Rain loves is in Bucklin and now they're in mortal danger. Beorn
has no love for the wolves of Bucklin, but his heart swells with love for the
dynamic young firecracker he finds himself with.

Taming The Bear: Collection is all
three parts of the Taming The Bear serial, and parts 7, 8 and 9 of the Bucklin
Wolves series, gathered into one book.


Taming The Bear Collection

By Jessica Ryan


Copyright © 2014 Jessica Ryan

All Rights Reserved


Published by Jessica Ryan Books

Cover Art by Yoly Cortez of Cormar Covers


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This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.



: This short story contains adult material with explicit sexual situations and language. All sexually active characters in this work are 19 years of age or older.


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Chapter 1


Rain had to squint to see the scene playing out just across the street. The sun was rising behind Rowan's house and the glare was too much. All she could really make out were shadows, until her eyes adjusted.

When they finally did, the scene that was laid out made her heart start doing backflips. Rowan, the wolf who had taken on an almost father-like role in her life, was across the street with a smaller girl buried in his arms. The girl wasn't Eva, his human mate, whom Rain had grown to love like a sister in just a few short days.

Rain had no clue who this girl was, but Rowan was holding her as warmly as he'd hold anyone who had his heart. Immediately her mind turned to thoughts of infidelity and betrayal. How could Rowan do this to her new sister from another mister?

Sure, Rain was immature and young, spending her short adult life hopping from man to man. It was because she could never find the right one. Every date ended the same: she was with some horny wolf who only wanted to claim her and fill her stomach with his children so his blood-line would be carried on. None of them wanted to have fun, none of them cared about her and none of them gave a damn how she felt about the proposition of children.

She'd tried to date human men, but that had gone over as well as one would expect from a town run by testosterone-filled males.

"How can a human protect you?" Rowan would ask. "You're more powerful than any human man. I forbid it."

Rowan put on a hard exterior to the townspeople but he had a soft, loving core with those who were close to him. She had seen him and Aster cut up and laugh like two college kids drinking too much despite the fact that Aster never smiled in public. She had seen a soft and caring side to him that she didn't think existed when he brought Eva home. But with Rain? There was none of that. He was a stern disciplinarian who rarely showed that soft side.

The first time he forbade her from seeing a human she'd run away to Cedarville, trying to pick up any boys she could. Unfortunately Rain was the kind of woman who oozed confidence and self-esteem. In a college town like Cedarville that just scared the boys away. They were all horny frat-jerks looking for an easy lay. Their games didn't work on a girl who actually respected herself.

When she'd returned home Rowan had grilled her incessantly about where she'd been. When she finally admitted the truth he'd forbid her from ever going to Cedarville again. She didn't speak to him for a week after that. But she knew in the end he loved her like a daughter and she always went back to him.

But right now? She couldn't forgive him for this. Eva was the best thing to ever happen to him. He'd claimed her, and their emotional bond was stronger than any Rain had ever seen. Now he was hugging it out with some floozy on his front lawn.

Rain pulled away from the window and began to pace, rage seething inside of her. What an asshole! She had a mind to go whip the skinny bitch he was hugging and then kick him square in the balls. She'd love to see the look on his face as he grabbed at his wounded manhood while she forbade him from leaving Eva.

How could he leave her, anyway? Wolves mated for life. It took a lot, usually death, for a wolf to break his mating bond. Some wolves had tried to leave a mate, but the bond always brought them back.

"Eva!" Rain yelped, spinning back towards the door. What if he had killed Eva? In her head she knew it wasn't possible, but her mind usually created elaborate scenarios that she just couldn’t get rid of without some kind of hard confirmation. All she could do right now was picture Eva dead in the bedroom while Rowan and his new hussy banged it out in the living room, laughing the whole time.

What a horrible thought,
she realized.
Why did my mind go there? Oh, well, fuck it.

Rain had just woken up and wasn't dressed for public viewing. All she wore was a pair of tiny boxer shorts that both of her well-formed ass-cheeks hung out of. Up top she just wore a thin sleep tank. She had no bra on, but her small, perky breasts were at attention as usual. That was one of the pluses to being a wolf: she never really had to worry about getting old and saggy due to her being a shifter.

None of that mattered at that moment; she had to appease her mind, which was running wild. Due to age her hormones were running wild and her wolf was young and confused, always looking for a man to take her and make a real wolf out of her.

"Slut," she whispered at her wolf. She had an odd relationship with the beast inside. Most of the men complained about the aggression their wolf felt. Their wolves were constantly wanting to rise to the surface to fight and conquer. If their wolves had their way, all they would do was eat, sleep, fuck and conquer.

With a female wolf, it was different. Her wolf was easier to control as it didn't have that insane aggressive drive like a male did. Unfortunately it had the extreme need to find a mate and begin having puppies, something that made Rain's skin crawl. It was a constant battle with her wolf every time she met a new person. It wanted to completely give itself to every strong male she had the displeasure of going on a date with.

Another drawback was that it latched onto every wild thought she had and amplified it in her head. Right now all her wolf could think about was Rowan's betrayal and how hurt it was by this. She was going to show Rowan a thing or two about loyalty. Rain was incredibly loyal to her surrogate father, but that didn't exclude him from being a giant douche. A good kick in the balls or a punch to the face would fix him right up, and then she was going to pounce on the new female and slap her around too.

Modesty be damned, Rain threw open her front door and rushed across the street with her T and A on display. Hopefully no unmated males would be walking by—that could get awkward. Male werewolves treated humans so much better than their female counterparts; it pissed Rain off to no end.

Sure, they'd get possessive with a human female, but there was always an underlying tenderness and caring to their relationship. She'd seen it happen too many times where they were cold, brutish and uncaring with a female werewolf, preferring to use her more as a puppy mill than a mate. Of course werewolf pregnancy was tough; for some reason it was hard to reproduce with two werewolves. A human female could get pregnant just from a male cutting his eyes at her. Rain figured trying to get pregnant would be fun, but the first time a female got pregnant it suddenly became easier from that point forward, like their bodies had accepted one another and decided to keep pumping out offspring. She was wholly against spending the rest of her days barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

Nobody looked up and noticed the angry bombshell stomping across the street, her arms gesticulating wildly as she began to spout off at the mouth. Finally Rowan looked up as Rain got within earshot.

"You son of a fucking bitch!" Rain screamed. "How dare you cheat on my new sister like this! I don't care if you are the beta for my pack, I'm whipping your ass!"

Rowan's eyes grew wide as a goofy grin appeared on his face. He was completely unintimidated by her oncoming assault.

"Laugh at me, will you?" Rain asked, winding up her fist and taking a hard swing. Showing why he was one of the biggest and baddest wolves in town, Rowan easily caught her punch in the palm of his hand. He didn't squeeze, but he kept a firm hold on it. Rain was completely powerless to free herself from his grip.

She felt no pain, but he didn't have to know that. Instead of calming down, she began to wail into the morning air—screaming and thrashing like a bucking bronco.

"You're hurting me!" she screamed. "I can feel my bones breaking! Ow! My hand! My hand! Rowan, you're breaking it!"

He continued to stare at her, his facial expression unchanging from the one of amusement that had taken shape earlier. He held his ground, still not speaking. She thought he intended to wait until she tired out, but the joke was on him: she could keep this up for hours, maybe even days.

The strange female started to come close to her, but Rain kicked out to the side, warding her off. She even smelled like Rowan—how disgusting. Rain's wolf was furious now, demanding to be released to the surface for vengeance.

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