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Safeword Interrupted
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Safeword Interrupted

Dakota Trace






“I’m gonna fucking kill him.” Bethany Adams flipped through the inventory printout once more. Something was off on the bar’s tally from last night. This was the last thing she needed with Summer vacation getting ready to start and the expected influx of college students. Scowling, she turned the problem over in her mind. Unless Tim, the weekend bartender, was slipping out fifths of Jack Daniels and vodka down his pants, Deacon had been screwing with her spreadsheet again. “I don’t care if he’s my best friend or the fact he’s my boss. I’m his accountant and manager. He knows fuckin’ better. Especially after I threatened to break his fingers, if he screwed it up again.”

Her temper flared even higher as she pawed through the user history for confirmation of her suspicions on the battered laptop sitting on the bar.

DLW – 03-02 2:02am

“God damnit!” Grabbing the printed spreadsheet, she slammed the laptop closed, before slipping off the barstool and storming down the hallway toward her boss’s office. Bethany barely noticed Deacon’s prized singing fish on the wall activate as she stomped past it. Without bothering to knock on the closed door, she threw open the door. Everything inside her froze. The anger. Her righteous indignation. Even her analytical brain – shuddered to a stop as she took in the scene before her.

“Goddamn, you’re a tight little slut.” Standing behind the barfly who’d been hanging all over him earlier in the evening, Deacon fed the moaning woman his cock. The lucky bitch arched her back, exposing the open shirt that framed her clamped nipples.

Clamped nipples? What the hell was going on?

Aroused by the unexpected erotic sight, Bethany’s pussy moistened. While she was as straight as they came, there was something beyond erotic as she watched Deacon’s lover claw at the surface of his desk while he sank deep inside her. A low greedy wail escaped the woman.

Please Sir!
May I come!”

The desperation in the woman’s tone stroked over Bethany until she shook – this time with lust instead of anger. A low moan slipped free of the sub when Deacon growled and slapped the woman’s ass.

“No. You will fuckin’ wait.” Deacon gritted out, his hips snapping hard as he began to fuck the woman. “You will not come until I say.”

Bethany’s fingers went numb and the spreadsheet fluttered to the floor. Between her thighs her clit began to throb, and her breath came faster, as the woman continued to plead. She’d always fantasized about submission, but never imagined the stark reality of it being this hot. “Fuck…” The word slipped out, alerting her boss to her presence.

His head jerked up and he snarled, like an animal that had been interrupted during its meal. Her face grew warm when she met his glittering gaze. She was so screwed and not in a good way. Forget the spreadsheet, forget the botched inventory, forget chewing Deacon’s ass – she had to get out of her before she came on the spot.

All from catching him dominating another woman.

Ignoring the scattered papers and Deacon’s bellow, she fled.

* * * *

“Son of a bitch.” A low growl ripped free of Deacon’s chest, as the door slammed shut behind Bethany. He jerked free of Karen’s pussy. Covered with her juices, his condom covered cock throbbed in protest, but his desire to fuck warred with his need to chase after his best friend. He’d been so damned careful to keep her from seeing this side of him. The last thing he wanted was to lose Bethany because his dick got hard every time he thought of dominating her. So he slated his lust with other women – submissives that knew not to expect anything more than a few hours of pleasurable pain and would never protest his rough handling.

But that wasn’t outrage in her gorgeous green eyes – she was fucking hot – eating up every sight, and sound, and smell like it was her last meal.

A slow smile crossed his face as he recalled the shocked curiosity and desire in her expression. A curiosity he was more than willing to satisfy. He could easily imagine Bethany in Karen’s place, her well-rounded ass red from his slaps as he slowly slid an anal plug deep inside her rectum. His cock hardened further in the humid air.

“Sir…” Karen wiggled her hips, her plea obvious; dragging him away from his deviant thoughts and reminding him the submissive he’d agreed to play with was waiting. He never left a submissive high and dry, even when the urge to chase the woman he’d lusted after consumed him. Unfortunately, pursuing sweet Bethany would have to wait.

“Bad girl.” He brought his hand down on Karen’s ass before sinking his dick back inside her. There wasn’t anything he could do right at this very moment about his best friend or her reaction, but come tomorrow her ass was his.





Chapter One


“Remember the rules?” Deacon’s hungry gaze skimmed over her reclining body.

Bethany sighed and shifted on the couch in his office. She couldn’t believe she’d agreed to this. But she was desperate, and if she could prove that it had been the situation that had aroused her, and not Deacon, she would have her friend back. No more heated looks across the bar – no more whispered promises of untold sexual pleasure. Just the good old comfortable Deacon and Bethany friendship. The only kind she could have with him without risking her heart.

“Yes. If I need you to slow down, I say yellow. If I need you to stop, I say red. But if I say either as a ploy to avoid losing the bet, I default and you win.”

He nodded slowly. “Correct. And what do I win?”

“I’ll be your submissive for the duration of my vacation. I’ll give you the chance to prove a D/s relationship can work between us.” She wet her lips.

“And?” He crossed his arms over his chest.

She was tempted to roll her eyes at the masculine gesture. “That to fulfill my end of the bargain, I’m not allowed to make excuses or hide from you. I have to be open to your advances until the end of my vacation. If I deliberately flee to avoid or try to sabotage what you’re trying to prove, I’m subject to whatever you deem to be appropriate punishment.”

“Right.” He pushed off his desk and she stiffened. “I’m not going to force you into anything you don’t want, Bethany. I’ll never ask anything of you I wouldn’t do myself.”

She arched a brow at him. “You’re not? Last time I checked, I wasn’t into kinky sex like you.”

He smirked. “You may have not been into it in the past, but I have a feeling that’s going to change.” At her look of doubt, he chuckled. “You doubt me? I’m an experienced Dom, babe. And I know what I saw when you caught me with Karen.”

“Disgust?” She bluffed.

He chuckled. “Try lying to someone who doesn’t know you as well as I do.” He twisted and grabbed something off his desk, before turning back to her with a length of dark silk in his hands.

“What’s that?” Fear mingled with her growing lust. “I didn’t agree to letting you tie me up.”

“Such a suspicious little thing.” He crossed the room to crouch down in front of her. “It’s a blindfold.” He folded the silk. “I’ve found taking away one sense heightens the remaining ones.” He paused and met her eyes. “Do you trust me?”

Taking a deep breath, she gave in and pushed aside her fears. “Of course, Sir. We’ve been friends since we were kids.”

Her world went dark, after he gave her a look she couldn’t read. She chewed on her lower lip as the silence grew louder. She strained to hear something – anything, but other than the soft rattle of the overhead fan, it was as if she were in his office all by her lonesome. While the quiet was welcome after spending two hours in the noisy bar, it unnerved her. So much so, when he spoke again, she flinched.

“Now we’re going to play a game. The first part of it is going to be you listening carefully to my questions...”

“And the second part, Sir.” She fought the urge to fidget.

“…will be you giving me honest answers.” His fingers stroked over her cheekbone, then down the side of her neck. “For each one you answer honestly, you will be rewarded. For each lie, you will be punished.”

“Okay. So we’re going to play a kinky game of twenty questions. And I still get to keep my clothes on?” She tilted her head, giving him more access to the sensitive hollow at the base of her throat.

“As promised.” His lips brushed over her pulse.

“One last question? How will you know if I’m lying, Sir?”

His low chuckle had the pit of her stomach clenching. “I will know.” His breath feathered over her face. “You have tells, like the catch in your voice, or when you bite down on this lush piece of flesh.” His thumb brushed over her lower lip. “So lying to me is futile.” She felt the heat of him against her bare thighs as he wedged his body between them. Her pussy moistened at the contact. She would never be able to convince him of anything at this rate, she thought hazily, as her lust woke.

“Ready?” His palms caressed her outer thighs.

“Not really, but somehow I don’t think that’s going to stop you, powerful Master on High.” Her sarcastic retort barely passed her lips before the crack of his palm against her inner thigh rang out. She gasped at the sudden sting.

“Smart assed remarks like that will earn you a hot ass, Bethany. Understand?”

She gritted her teeth and nodded.

“The words, sub.” The iron-clad undertones caused her inner awareness to jump up several notches. Her nipples beaded in response.

“I understand, Sir.” Her breath caught in her throat when his fingers soothed away the pain of his earlier slap.

“Good girl.” He kept petting her. “Now, you asked earlier how I could be so certain – it was those beautiful eyes of yours. I could feel them devouring me as I sank inside Karen’s tight pussy.”

A moan fought to work its way free of her throat. “You were fucking a woman across your desk, Sir. Even a nun would’ve stared.”

A low chuckle teased her ear, and goose bumps raced down her arms, when he tugged on the outer shell of her left one. “But you’re no nun, are you? Your nipples hardened under your shirt and your cheeks flushed. If you’d stood there much longer I wouldn’t have been surprised if you came – from just watching – and that, little girl, surpasses mere curiosity.” He let his mustache tease her skin as his lips slid down her neck. “I saw a woman who wanted to be bent over in Karen’s place.”

She dug her fingers into the cushion under her. “You wish.”

“Of course I do. I wanted to toss aside Karen and give you what your gaze begged for.”

Surprise filled her. “You did?”

“Hell, yeah!” His hips shoved her legs further apart. The solid length of his erection pressed against the crotch of her panties. “But I didn’t because I take my duties as a Dom seriously. I agreed to scene with her. Even though my cock wanted you, I made sure I delivered on my prior promise to Karen.” His teeth raked over her shoulder.

The erotic scrape sent fissures of pleasure down her spine. It was all she could do to keep her ass on the cushion and not beg him for more. “That’s my Deacon, always follows through on his promises.”

“That’s right. I do. Something you shouldn’t forget.” He tugged up her shirt, his hand slipping under the cloth – his palm warm against her midriff.

“No!” She tried to tug the material down, panic edging her arousal aside. If he caught sight of her tattoo… She shook her head. She couldn’t risk him finding out.

“No, what?” He paused, but refused to release the fabric.

“Sir, please. You promised I could keep my clothes on.”

The following silence had her mentally cursing the blindfold. Had she pissed him off? Part of her hoped so. Then her secret would be safe. But a small needy part of her, her pussy, hoped he’d ignore her protest. That he’d uncover the small triskelion inked just below her navel.

“Am I removing them?” While his tone wasn’t harsh, it was firm.

She thought about it. He’d merely slid a hand under her top. “No, Sir. I just thought—” She cried out in surprise when she found herself flipped over on to her belly with her skirt shoved up to expose her barely there thong. One hand pressed against the center of her back.

“I do not tolerate subs topping from the bottom, Bethany. You agreed to submit for the duration of our scene. For trying to wrestle control away from me, you’ll be punished.”

“But I…” she protested.

“But nothing. Did you not agree to my terms?”

She turned her head away from him. “Yes, Sir.”

“For willful disobedience, you will receive five swats. Count them off.”

She cried out when his free hand landed hard on her upturned ass, but managed to obey despite the pain. Who’d have thought his hand could sting like this? “One, Sir.”

She gritted her teeth as the second one fell while her eyes began to burn with tears. “Two, Sir.”

When the third landed, she couldn’t stop her ragged exhale. “Three, Sir.”

“Two more, sweetheart.” His voice was soft. “I know you can do this.”

Warmth that had nothing to do with his blows filled her. Was she honestly depraved enough to want this kind of approval from him?

His lips brushed over her cheek while he rubbed his palm over the swell of her ass. “You want to please me.”

The confidence in his words should’ve scared her, but instead had her creaming her panties. “Only for this scene, Sir.” She bit the inside of her cheek.

He growled, then swatted her again. “Not just this scene – and you didn’t count, so that smack didn’t count.” He struck again.

“Four, Sir!” She panted, squeezing her eyes shut behind her blindfold. Her body trembled with a potent combination of pain mixed with arousal. How did she fight this?

“Good girl. One more to go.”

“Yes, Sir.” She panted, her bottom tensing in expectation of the final strike. It seemed like forever, but when the blow landed, it sent a surge of pained pleasure through her. Like a droplet of rain running down a windowpane, the sensation grew in proportion until she trembled on the cusp of release. She whimpered in distress. She couldn’t come from just a spanking. Thank God her punishment was long as she got out the final count. She tried to form the words, but her brain was fuzzy and short-circuiting from balancing on the razor’s edge of lust.


The crease of her ass, where her leg met her thigh, burst into hot flames. Her orgasm slammed through her, with a shocked scream passing her lips, as something more than pleasure hit her. Black polka dots appeared behind her lids and her body burst into flame. She jerked against his hold, her thighs tensing and flexing, as she tried to scramble away. “Sir!”

“Fuck.” His arms wrapped around her, pulling her close to him. “I’ve got you, baby. It’s okay.” He continued to hold her, while she shook in the aftermath of one of the most violent orgasms she’d ever experienced. His voice was her lifeline as she came back down. She was barely aware of him removing the blindfold. Instead she latched onto his soothing words, sobbing against the soft cotton of his t-shirt. It wasn’t until she lay limp in his embrace that she realized how screwed she was. He’d never let her go back to hiding – he’d pull her darker needs out of the hidden shadows and into the light.

“I…can’t…” She pushed against his chest, trying to put space between them.

“Don’t.” He lifted her chin with one finger, his normally aqua eyes now a dark azure blue. “While I understand this was more than either of us expected, if you run I will do more than tan your ass. I will tie you to my bed and give you an orgasm that makes the one you just had seem like child’s play.”

Child’s play?

She groaned softly. She’d never survive it.

“You promised you won’t run,” he reminded her softly. “And I’m just a big enough asshole to hold you to it, Bethany. Trust me to give you what you need…”

“You were warned, little girl.”

Deacon’s voice washed over Bethany, bringing her back to the present. It had only been a week since the scene in his office. But even as she’d agreed not to run, she’d known she flee. She wouldn’t, no couldn’t survive another round of what happened on his couch. At least, not with her heart intact.

His calloused palms rasped over her bare shoulders, sending an involuntary shiver racing down her spine. She didn’t want to be reacting to him like this. Her heart pounded faster in her chest and she rubbed her suddenly damp hands over her thighs left bare by her bikini.

In the distance, the waves crashed against the shore, while the throb of salsa music filled the air. But standing frozen on the small stone patio outside her rented bungalow, all she could think of now was she should’ve picked someplace other than Puerto Rico. Some place she hadn’t talked about at the bar if she’d really wanted to hide from him. Especially after he’d told her if she fled, he would follow. Deacon might be a dominant, but he was still her Deacon. An honest man who always finished what he started.

Even though I’m the one who bailed after our little experiment blew up in my face.

“Nothing to say? No excuses or pleas to get out of your coming punishment?” His lips brushed against the tip of her ear, once again causing goose bumps to race across her arms despite the humid summer air.

“Not really,” she lied. “If you remember right, you approved my vacation time months ago. I wasn’t running…I swear.” Her reply came out as a cross between a moan and a sigh. Her thighs trembled in anticipation. Would he do it? Would he actually warm her ass before tying her to the bed? Her nipples beaded against the thin silk of her swimsuit top. She’d only agreed to his terms in a hope that once she proved it wasn’t him personally that aroused her, they could go back to their former friendship. But she’d failed miserably and had come on his couch from a mere spanking. By her own agreement, he could now do anything he wanted to her, and unless she safe-worded, there would be no stopping him from claiming every inch of her.

“You swear, what, Bethany?

His teeth scraping over her the side of her neck became a blatant reminder of the rules she’d agreed to when they embarked on this fateful journey.

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