The Cowboys and the English Teacher [Hot Off The Ranch] (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

Hot Off The Ranch

The Cowboys and the English Teacher

pupil when twins Wyler
Jack Farmer set out to teach Betsy Perkins a lesson in love
seduction she won't soon forget.  

Obsessed with
slightly younger pair, Betsy tries to fight her attraction to them, sure she would be nothing but an easy conquest if she gave them what they asked for. But after a magical night spent together, she discovers
 kind of knowledge
sexy Texans want to share with her can't be learned in a classroom.

Their ménage in Mexico leads to much more than just sexual bliss,
Betsy finds it hard to deal with
Can their improbable liaison ever lead to love?

Ménage a Trois/Quatre/Western/Cowboys
20,058 words



Hot Off The Ranch





Luxie Ryder











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First E-book Publication: September 2009


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Hot Off The Ranch



Copyright © 2009






Chapter 1


Betsy woke up and looked around, half expecting to find the men she had been dreaming of lying beside her. She knew that she was stuck inside of a sexual fantasy she couldn’t shake off, but her stomach still contracted as a memory of the erotic torture she’d been subjected to raced through her brain. She closed her eyes again and suppressed the groan that rose in her throat as heat flooded her groin.

The last remnants of the dream slipped away, leaving her a little stunned. The fact it had been about both Jack and Wyler didn’t surprise her. Until a few minutes earlier, her senses had been totally convinced the tall, handsome Texan brothers had been in her bed.

If they had their way, she wouldn’t need to be dreaming of them at all. They had both made it clear, at a party the locals had thrown for the volunteers a couple of weeks after they’d arrived in Las Colinas del Mar, that they wanted her sexually. The prospect intrigued her at first, but she just couldn’t allow it to happen. Betsy had too much self respect than to fall for the attentions of a pair of young men who seemed to want nothing more than a convenient fling with an available woman.

They’d gotten on well from the very beginning and their easy friendship had meant they spent lots of time together. But when they’d cornered her at the party and made it clear that, for their part at least, their interest was not purely platonic, she just laughed it off and dismissed it as the booze talking.

Sure, she’d caught them looking at her from time to time, she got used to that kind of attention long ago. God made her short but curvy. Few men could resist a glimpse of an ample cleavage or the appeal of a full bottom and the Farmer twins seemed no exception. Still, taking and wanting were very different things.

Catching herself wasting her morning as she sat thinking back on that night, she jumped out from the tangle of sheets. Putting her thick, curly black hair into a messy bun, she leapt in and out of the shower and sacrificed her early morning cuppa in order to save a little time. A peasant blouse matched with one of her collections of loose, floaty skirts would be her outfit for the day, any day in fact. She stuck to the same style, loving the way it made her look little like a gypsy, in her own mind at least. Besides, she couldn’t bear to have very much next to her skin in the sticky climate.

Rushing across the yard to the makeshift school house ten minutes later, she saw one of the subjects of her hot dream reattaching the tarp that acted as a temporary roof to the classroom. ‘Hi Betsy,’ Jack called as he stopped working and came over to her.

The way he looked did nothing to calm down her raging libido. It looked set to be another steaming hot day in Las Colinas del Mar. Sweat coursed down his naked, tanned torso and plastered his thick, dark blond hair to his head under his straw Stetson. His cut off jeans hung low on his hips, exposing a little shock of white skin. The sun hadn’t touched him there, but she longed to. The frayed denim of his shorts gave way to hard brown thighs covered in springy blond hair that rippled as he moved, the massive muscles shifting fluidly under his skin.

‘H…hi,’ she stuttered. She felt a blush creep to the roots of her hair. She had trouble dealing with Jack under normal circumstances due to the way her body reacted with either him or his brother around. And that was before the damned dreams that had plagued her for the whole night. Now, she had a sense of what it felt like to have their hands on her and how they would taste.

Fantasizing about guys ten years younger than her wasn’t unheard of, although she wasn’t usually given to such uninhibited lust. A huge part of her wanted to be brave enough simply to act on her desires without fear. But with so many lithe and beautiful young Mexican women flirting with them since they arrived, she had trouble believing that their interest in her was genuine.

Jack seemed out of sorts, too. He stopped in front of her and stared down into her eyes in the weirdest way, as if trying to see through her. ‘Is everything okay?’ she asked, unnerved and squirming under his scrutiny.

Something in his light green eyes lifted and by the time he spoke again, the easy characteristic charm returned along with that sexy drawl. ‘Sorry. I didn’t sleep well last night. I am so out of it this morning.’

‘I see we had another storm,’ she nodded toward the classroom that he must have rebuilt a handful of times in the last month alone. Jack and his brother worked for the same charity as hers, but their work was very different. As part of the construction team, they used their desperately needed skills to restore the main school house and erect and maintain the temporary buildings they held the classes in for the time being.

He smiled. ‘Sure had a shock when I saw the state of this place.’

Grabbing onto the distraction with both hands, she allowed him to show her the temporary repairs he had made, making her waste more time that she didn’t have. A bawdy laugh from behind drew her attention and she saw his friends nudging and whispering while gesturing their way. The idiots he worked with were part of the reason she’d never take things any further with him or his brother. The thought of them sharing her intimate details with their work mates if she ever gave in to their attempts at seduction mortified her. She told Jack she’d see him later and scurried away to the safety of the gathering children.

‘Buenos Dias, Senorita Perkins,’ they sang a few minutes later in their lovely, lilting accents after she’d gotten them calmed down and seated on the floor.

Tables and chairs were a luxury the governing body could not afford yet. Rebuilding the school after a season of devastating hurricanes that had battered the country one after the other had to be the main priority. That and giving the shell shocked kids some semblance of normality. Many of their parents were homeless and still sleeping rough. All the charity Betsy worked for managed to do was to give them a place to send the kids everyday, where they would be taken care of and fed while their families tried to rebuild their lives.

Sitting at home in the UK watching the news report on her TV a couple of months earlier, she’d known she had to do something to help. The change seemed such a huge one, but turning 40 recently had made her question what she’d been doing with her life. So she started a bucket list. The kind where people listed the things they wanted to do before they kicked it. One of those things had been to use her teaching skills for more than simply indulging middle class, spoiled brats at a private school just outside of London. So she’d taken a sabbatical.

Betsy looked around the classroom at the enthusiastic, shining faces and knew she’d made the right decision. The children were bright, if a little cheeky, and soaked up every bit of information she gave them like a dry sponge.

Another much older voice joined the general cacophony caused by 30 over excited children. ‘Morning, Miss Betsy.’ She turned to find one of the kid’s grandmothers standing right behind her. As usual, she hadn’t heard her come in.

‘Good morning, Perdita,’ she said as cheerfully as she could despite the fact the woman always scared the pants off her. As one of the voluntary helpers at the school, she was hardly a stranger and very welcome, yet Perdita always gave her the willies. She had no idea of her true age, but her guess would have been over seventy. She’d swathed her round body in a floral mu-mu type dress that made her impressive breasts seem even more large and welcoming. Betsy felt sure that many a small child had found comfort in her arms. Perdita had been built for mothering.

‘Sleep well?’ she asked. Her sudden interest seemed unusual and made Betsy even more wary. Just the previous day, she teased her about the way she’d caught her looking at Wyler, chuckling at the flustered excuses she had made before rushing off. Later, to make amends she guessed, Perdita had offered her some herbal tea, which politeness had forced her to accept despite her reservations. Secretly, she blamed the sweet but strong potion for her unsettled night, and the fact she now seemed interested in how well she had slept made her curious.

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